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UN seeks $738m for Venezuela crisis

The United Nations (UN) says it is seeking 738 million Dollars in 2019 to help neighboring countries cope with the outflow of millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

The UN action on Tuesday marks the first time the crisis in the Latin-American country was included in its annual global humanitarian appeal.

Speaking at a news briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN emergency relief coordinator, Mark Lowcock, formally launched the organisation’s 21.9 billion-Dollar worldwide appeal for next year.

“There is one crisis for which we for the first time have a response plan, which is to help the countries neighboring Venezuela deal with the consequences of large numbers of Venezuelans leaving the country,” Mr. Lowcock said.

With rising inflation and random crackdown on the opposition, an estimated 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country into Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Last year, left-win President Nicolas Maduro forced through a highly controversial election, which he won, although more than half the electorate boycotted the polls.

Consequently, the US and right-wing countries in the region imposed sanctions on Venezuela, in an attempt to force the Maduro government to roll back on some of its policies.

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