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Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to eradicate Malaria

In this edition of tech world we are going to be dwelling on a recent scientific breakthrough called “genetically engineered mosquitoes”.
Current prevention methods for malaria do their best but fail miserably. There’s no vaccine!! There is pre-exposure prevention treatment and post-exposure medical care, both of which are too expensive for the people most affected by the disease. To date, the prevention method that seems to work best and the cheapest to implement on a wide scale — is mosquito netting doused in repellent. And still, in sub-Saharan Africa, a young child dies of malaria every 30 seconds.
Scientists are literally manipulating mosquitoes for the purpose of reducing diseases caused by mosquitoes, but are these genetically modified insects truly the best way to reduce the occurrence of dengue fever, yellow fever and the Zika virus — or will they just end up causing more harm than good?
Did you know that genetically modified mosquitoes now exist? It’s true! presently, these scientifically engineered insects have been released in several areas around the world. Their creation and release have been met with many questions, such as; is it just a coincidence that GM mosquitoes started flying around in Brazil just before a number of Zika-linked birth defect cases came about?
Tech world gives you answer to this question and more.

Presenter – Victor Onoli

Producer – Suleiman Ahmadu

Online Crew: Celestina Ihuoma

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