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Special report highlights gender equality bill

The Senate recently rejected the gender equality bill citing various flaws in it which the legislators claimed were at variance with some traditions and the constitution of the country.

This, as expected, has been generating some reactions majority from the elites who either supported or decried the Senate step.

It, however, appeared that some Nigerians, when asked about the Senate action, were not well informed about the intent of the gender equality bill.

Those who shared their thoughts on the bill only explained it in line with an adage which says ” what a man can do, a woman can do better.

Radio Nigeria gathered the views of some Nigerians which reflected that the Senate action in respect of the gender equality bill, supported equal right for countrymen and women.

Miss Taiwo Ayodeji said that giving equal right to men and women would help in national development.

She expressed the belief that women would even do better in any position considering the fact that women were quite passionate which could make them go the extra mile.

Mr Yemi Abodunrin who also responded said there was nothing wrong in equal rights for men and women saying there were instances where women had performed brilliantly than men.

In a remark, the Chairman, Ondo state House of Assembly Committee on Women Affairs, Mrs Kemi Adesanya described the Senate action as condemnable and maintained that there should be balanced rights

Meanwhile, women activists have asked the Senate to reconsider the gender equality bill, call for public hearing, identify and remove perceived flaws and then represent the bill rather than an outright rejection.

The gender equality bill among others seeks to address discriminatory practices against women, access to education, female entrepreneurship development, participation in governance, decision making and protection against violence.

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