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Thousands protest over migrant separations

Tens of thousands of people have joined nationwide protests across the US over the Trump administration’s strict migrant policy.

More than 630 events were planned calling for migrant families split up at the US border to be reunited.

Some 2,000 children remain separated from their parents, despite President Donald Trump’s executive order ending the controversial policy.

He bowed to public pressure after weeks of domestic and international outrage.

The order stopped children being taken from parents who face criminal prosecution as part of the president’s policy of “zero tolerance” towards illegal crossings of the US border from Mexico.gathering was in Washing

Faced with a backlash, President Trump instead promised to “keep families together” in migrant detention centres.

However, critics say the order did not address the issue of families already separated, with 2,342 children taken away from their parents between 5 May and 9 June alone.


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