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NGO to establish mediation centres in Kano

A Non-governmental Organization, Public Defenders Office (PDO) in kano State, has expressed its determination to establish mediation centres for communal disputes to be amicably settled without resorting to court for legal redress.

The administration officer, Kano State Public Defenders Office, Mrs. Rotkang Kyunni stated this during a sensitization workshop held in kano.

Mrs Kyunni said the establishment of the centres had become imperative considering the pace with which communal disputes were leading to a plethora of court litigations.

She said the spate of communal disputes leading to unfortunate situations had become very alarming saying the burden of court litigations and the expenses incurred in engaging the services of lawyers was becoming too expensive for the less-privileged in the society to bear.

According to her, the establishment of the Public Defender’s Office, was meant to assist the less-privileged to access free legal services.

Mrs Kunyi noted that ” We have already established 12 mediation centres cutting across some notable Local Government Areas and we are willing to establish many in all the 44 Local Government Areas.”

She pointed out that cases of gross human rights violations were prevalent everywhere and that the prompt intervention of the Public Defender’s Office become imperative for intractable disputes to be settled.

Cover/Abdullahi jalaluddeen /kano.


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