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Egypt Court bans YouTube over anti-Islam film

Egypt’s top Court on Saturday upheld a ruling by a lower Court to oblige the country’s telecommunications regulator to block YouTube for one month due to anti-Islam content.

The long-running case dates to 2012, when a lawsuit was filed against the prime minister and other senior officials.

The legal action demanded that the video sharing website be banned in Egypt because the film “The Innocence of Islam’’ had been posted on it.

The 14-minute movie, which mocked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), sparked protests in Arab and Muslim nations as well as in some Western countries, sometimes turning violent.

The lawsuit had also demanded that other websites be banned until they remove any anti-Islam content.

In 2013, Egypt’s administrative court ordered YouTube be banned in the country for one month for not removing the controversial movie.

The ruling was appealed before the Higher Administrative Court which issued Saturday’s verdict.

Judicial procedures can take years in Egypt before a decision is issued.

Saturday’s ruling was supposed to be effective immediately.

Egypt had before banned dozens of websites critical of the government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi.


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