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Digital Right Advocates seek protection of the Internet

Protection and promotion of digital rights of citizens in African have been identified as crucial to the development of social, political and economic life of the region.

Experts have submitted however that to achieve this vision there was the need to constantly examine opportunities and threats to Digital Rights in Africa.

Since the advent of internet technology, lots of opportunities has been created as well access for many people to be part of the immense possibilities of the digital age.

For instance, records from the National Communication Commission indicate that numbers of internet users in Nigeria has risen above 91 million.

Today, people spend more time on their computers and mobile phones, engaging in conversation, buying, selling, collaborating and expressing opinions on social media platforms.

A Digital Development Expert, Mr Femi Longe who acknowledged that digital space had opened a new way of life, noted that there was the need to nourish and protect these privileges.

when we talk about digital rights, we talk about how do we conserve  the same human rights we have in real-world, when we are in digital space, how do we make sure whether its  government, private organisations or hackers that no one take advantage of us in the digital space.

Another digital right advocate, Mr. Adeboye Adegoke, pointed that there was the need for due diligence, stressing that some African countries have witnessed internet shut down as well as attack on press freedom.

Mr. Adegoke emphasised the need to raise awareness for robust conversation among stakeholders by leveraging on the strength of the media.

We must create opportunity for the education of the people, first for journalists, because they have massive influence on the populace.

A broadcaster, Mr. Alexander Otutu corroborated that media would serve useful purposes to safeguard the interest of government and the people.

We owe the citizens a lot, in-fact we are the mouthpiece, not just the government but also the citizens, as we are educating the citizens, we are also educating the government,  we should be right there in the fore front and ensure that things come out great.

Mr. Otutu called for sustenance of conversation for the internet to continue to strengthen good governance in Africa.

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