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Protesters hold senator hostage in Gombe

The senator representing Gombe South, Joshua Lidani, is still being held hostage by protesters in his constituency.

A live Facebook update by an activist, Ibrahim Wala, monitored on Monday said Mr. Lidani is hiding inside the residence of the traditional ruler Talasse town, the headquarters of Balanga Local Government Area.

He paid an unscheduled visit to the area to meet with political associates but protesters blocked the entrance to the palace, asking the senator to come out and “answer some of their questions.”

A protester said Mr. Lidani had “refused to visit Talasse since his election despite several appeals.”

He also said the senator refused to answer or return calls from the people of his constituency “only for him to sneak in today.”

Police were invited to the scene but had to retreat to a distance to avoid confrontation with the large crowd.



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