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No Nigerien fighters in Libya – Ambassador

Niger’s Ambassador to Libya, Hussein Melloul, has denied presence of any Nigerien opposition fighters on Libyan territory.

The ambassador made his remarks during a meeting with the Head of the Libyan Higher Council of State, Abdurrahman Swehli, in Tripoli.

They discussed the bilateral relations and issues of mutual interest, including the security situation on the Libya-Niger border and illegal immigration.

Mr Swehli highlighted the necessity of enhancing the joint cooperation on security and illegal immigration.

The air force of the Libyan eastern-based army has been targeting a number of African armed groups in southern Libya, after the army’s deadline for African migrants to leave.

The city of Sabha, located some 800 km southwest of Libyan capital Tripoli, has recently been witnessing violent clashes between rival tribes that killed and injured dozens of civilians and forced hundreds of families to flee their homes.

People from Chadians, Nigeriens and Sudanese have been accused of involvement in the conflicts in Sabha.

The Head of the Municipal Council of Sabha, Hamed Al-Khiali, said in February 2018, that the local airport was occupied by “an armed group that has nothing to do with Libya,’’ carrying flags of other African countries.

On  9th March 2018 Libya’s eastern-based army set a March 17 deadline for nationals from Chad, Niger and Sudan to leave southern Libya in order to curb the erupting violence there, warning else they would be removed by force.

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