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Google pulls out 1.7 billion bad ads

The Head of Ads PR, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Google and YouTube, Ms Jenn Kaiser, stated in Johannesburg, South Africa that Google has pulled out 1.7 billion bad ads from sites with machine learning technology in 2016.

She spoke on “Good Advertising, Our Products and Policies’’ at a Google Online Advertising Conference for Media Personnel.

Ms Kaiser said some of the bad ads are misleading and redirect someone to other sites.

She assured the global business community that policy enforcement by Google would ensure that bad ads would not infiltrate sites easily.

Ms Kaiser said Google will provide tools that will ensure good decision making for advertisers and publishers involved in online ads.


She said the policy would be valuable and transparent for it to make the required impact.

Ms Kaiser warned that one could be blocked from the Google ecosystem if seen as a constant defaulter.

She added that Google Chrome would have a feature that ensures good ads on sites in the North America and Europe by 15th Feb. 2018.

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