The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has banned the Hollywood blockbuster sequel “Kingsman: Golden Circle’’ from local cinemas.

The ministry banned the Hollywood blockbuster because one of the film’s villains hides in a Cambodian temple.

The blockbuster, which tells a fictional story of a British spy agency which teams up with its U.S. counterpart to track a drug lord based in Cambodia was to open in local cinemas last week.

Many of the movie’s fight scenes with the film’s villainess, played by Julianne Moore, take place in a temple situated in the heart of the Cambodian jungle.

The Ministry of Culture cited the resemblance of the temple in the movie to the Ta Prohm temple, which could be found in the world famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

Deputy director of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Bok Borak said the ministry took issue with portraying Cambodia as a destination for criminals.

The distribution director at Westec Media, Simon Choo,  which purchased the distribution rights for the film in Cambodia told dpa he was “disappointed’’ with the ministry’s decision.

He said “For me, I think, Kingsman meant no harm to any country. It is just a form of entertainment,’’.