By Omonalukhe Matthew Ajakaiye

For better or worse were the line playing in her head as punches from the man who paid her bride price rearranged her face. Frustration, pain and regret gradually became her companion, happiness has became a stranger in her home.

The man, her husband turned into a terrorist and constantly scattering her face with punches faster than that of Anthony Joshua.

He showed how superior he was by giving her doses of punches like tablets.

He gives two ‘dose’ in the morning and she doesn’t get any in the afternoon because he is at work and when he returns, he most often says good evening with a heavy punch, over the slightest misdemeanour.

Globally, as many as 38% of murders of women are committed by a male intimate partner. Photo: wikicommons

Her night too were hell, as instead of having romantic nights with the hubby, she feels abused because she still has to satisfy him sexually, even when not in the mood.

Hence, she gets ‘punch’ and she must ‘succumb’.

She gain solace in her 4 year old daughter.

She doesn’t want her daughter to grow without a father so she endures the kicks and punches.

She doesn’t want the society to classify her marriage as “failed” so she continues in a relationship of pain.

One day, she was in the kitchen trying to cook dinner with her daughter at the corner playing with her doll, as her husband walked in.

He was standing at the door, his shirt not properly tucked in, his tie loosely knotted around his neck. He walked towards her, she tried to explain why she didn’t cook early enough but his slap sealed her lips.

He threw punches at her stomach and she missed a step and fell, hitting her head hard on the ground.

Her four year old daughter ran towards her and tried to assist her up but it was too late. She died trying to save her marriage.