“There’s a lot of humor and comedy in it, I do it to try to educate people,” he had said.

Paul Horner, American writer and contributor to fake news websites, has died at the age of 38.

His stories are believed to have had a significant impact on the 2016 presidential election in the US.

Jj Horner, his brother, revealed the news of his death in a post on Facebook. He described the writer as “an internet wizard, a humanitarian, an activist, a philosopher and a comedian”.

The 38-year-old writer, frequently claimed he was the reason Donald Trump was elected as president in November.

Among Horner’s fake news, was a false claim that Barrack Obama, former president, was gay and a radical Muslim.

Many of Horner’s sites, such as newsexaminer.net, were falsely suggested as legitimacy, but he often referred to as ‘Political Satire’.

In an interview with CNN, he said there was a lot of humor and comedy in what he did.

“I see certain things wrong in society that I don’t like and different targets.”

Fake news was a major concern during and after the US presidential campaign.